Blueprint for a Literate Nation How You Can Help

By Cinthia Coletti, with chapters by Carolyn D Cowen, Margie Gillis, Richard Long and Elenn Stienberg. Introduction by Marynne Wolf.

Published: 10/11/2013  available from Amazon. Kindle: $1.01;, Hardcover: $24.29; Paperback: $16.57

Millions of American children today are struggling in school systems largely unable to meet their needs, and the problem will only deepen if we continue to approach it with anything less than total dedication to a solution. The widespread illiteracy and learning difficulty afflicting our children is not "somebody else's problem"; it is a severe threat to the up-and-coming generation of thinkers and workers-America's future workforce, electorate, and global community. We know what must be done to meet this threat, we see the changes happening already, and we must commit to keeping up our momentum. The time has come to turn the tide away from our country's impending economic and societal catastrophe and toward the reemergence of a literate, dynamic America. This book not only provides facts and statistics that will scare and disturb you but also relates stories and scientific findings that will inspire you to make your own contributions to the cause. By following the intuitive, data-validated plan presented in these pages, you can help to steer the American education system in the right direction and keep it afloat-before it takes the entire nation down with it.