Clarry and the Little White Cloud

By Fay Tran

Clarry enjoyed his year at pre-school.  He loved listening to stories and looking at books. He couldn’t wait to start primary school so that he could learn to read.

But learning to read proved very difficult for Clarry, even though he practised his Golden Words list and his take-home books every night.  Clarry became very unhappy at school and decided that he was too stupid to learn to read.

This children's picture book tells the story of a little boy very unhappy because he struggling to learn to read at school. He is comforted by his little dog and an imaginary cloud.  When a new principal changes the way reading is taught at school, Clarry does learn to read and is overcome with joy. 

The message, of course, is for teachers, school administrators and parents. Clarry's difficulties are not the result of his bad behaviour but rather incorrect teaching at his school.

Reading level -  Grade 2 up.

Available from Amazon and the iTunes store as an iBook.

Not in the bookshops yet, but can be ordered from the author by email -

Price is $15 including postage.

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