Little Learners Love Literacy Readers

Published by Little Learners Love Literacy

Stories by Lorraine Lee and Berys Dixon, Illustrations by Danielle McDonald
The Little Learner books are carefully sequenced to enable children to practise their phonic skills through reading. Children are encouraged to decode or ‘sound out’ words. There are some words that children cannot decode and  these are called‘heart’  words. Words that children need to ‘learn by heart’.
In stages 1 & 2 there are only five Heart Words. Each book has a Vocabulary Check and Questions to talk about section.
The books tell stories about Tim and Pip, their pets and the fun things they like to do.

Stage 1 – five books with the sounds m s f a p t c i

Stage 2 – five books with 8 more sounds –b h n o d g i v


Stage 3 – five books with 5 more sounds – y r e qu z


Stage 4 - Five books with 5 more sounds j u k x w