Read Write Inc

Read Write Inc. Readers     


These readers are enjoyable, lively, decodable storybooks levelled to children’s phonic ability. They are an integral part of the Read Write Inc. Phonics program written by Ruth Miskin and produced by Oxford University Press.

There are eight colour-coded levels, beginning with Red Books through to Grey Books. Each level has between ten and twelve fiction and five non-fiction books.

·         Red Books contain three short ‘ditties’ for beginner readers.

·         Green and Pink storybooks focus on consolidating the twenty-six Alphabet letter sounds and four simple digraphs.

·         Pink and Orange storybooks focus on vowel and consonant digraphs. 

·         Yellow, Blue and Grey storybooks focus on more complex spelling patterns.


Each storybook focuses on one or more vowel or consonant digraphs.

The storybooks contain many excellent teaching features for parents or teachers including a ‘Glossary of terms’ and ‘Instructions on how to use the book’ plus eight reading activities to use with children. Each story contains a ‘Speed Sounds Chart’ for children to practise their phonic knowledge. The sound boxes include a number of spelling patterns highlighted with a circle, specific sounds which are consolidated in the story. High frequency or sight words are written in red in the story.

One of the pre-reading activities in the front of each book is called ‘Read the Green and Red Words for the story.’ This activity gives children the opportunity to practise reading phonetic and sight words without using picture and context clues. The list also includes words to ‘Read in syllables’ and ‘Root words and endings.’

The front section of the storybook also contains a ‘Vocabulary check’ and a ‘Story introduction’ which is useful for parent or teacher discussions prior to reading the story. There are comprehension activities including a ‘Questions to talk about’ and a ‘Speed Words’ pages at the end of the each book. The ‘Speed Words’ page contains a grid of selected words from the story for readers to practise automatic word recognition and reading fluency.