The Fitzroy Phonics Readers

Created by Faye Berryman and Philip O'Carroll, founders of the Fitzroy Community School, published by Fitzroy Programs.

There are 80 Readers in the series. All of them are carefully graded to ensure smooth and stress-free reading success.

Each Fitzroy Reader has its own new sounds and its own special words. Both sets of words are introduced before a story is attempted.

Every reader builds on the ones before it, and they progress step-by-step from the first letters right up to reading fluency. There are 80 books in seven levels. The first Reader, A Fat Cat,uses only 13 letters. This makes it easy for small children to start reading without delay. The final level, books 51 to 60, take students to total reading mastery. Children who have completed them find it easy to move on to a general literature, such as magazines, newspapers and novels.

All Fitzroy Phonics Readers are complete stories. This makes them fun to read and improves memory retention.

Books 1 to 50 and are available for the computer and 1 to 30 are available as ipad apps.

There is also a parallel series called 1X to 20X which are also available for the computer.